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Canon Pixma MG6300 won't scan to my computer

I have a three year old Canon Pixma MG6300 printer/copier/scanner connected by USB to a desktop Dell with Windows 10.1. The printer and copier functions work perfectly but recently I cannot get anything to scan to the computer.   I get an error message that says, "Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons:......."  I've checked all the "reasons" to the best of my knowledge and the problem still exists.  Since the scanner worked previously, I think I must have a setting changed but I don't know what or where.   Please advise.  Thank you.

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Re: Canon Pixma MG6300 won't scan to my computer

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Hy Brother, 


We often have these problems on the scanner or not supported on the os.

I just fix the problem for a problem like you.


The scanner is an electronic device that functions similar to a copy machine. It's just that on the machine copy of results can be directly seen by users and on the paper while the scanner results are displayed on a computer monitor screen first then can be changed and modified so that it looks look and the result be nice which can then be saved as a text file, document, and/or images.


This can help you to solve the problem.
Problem In Scanner and the solution

The scanner is an electronic device that functions similar to a copy machine. It's just that on the machine copy of results can be directly seen by users and on the paper while the scanner results are displayed on a computer monitor screen first then can be changed and modified so that it looks look and the result be nice which can then be saved as a text file, document, and/or images. Here is the block diagram of a scanner:

Damage analysis and repair includes preventive and Corrective

Preventive Maintenance:
As with any electronic device, in General, any scanners need treatment to maintain the performance of work. Unwittingly, the occurrence of various disorders are the result of incorrect usage. The steps that are necessary to maintain the performance of the scanner is that we should not touch the surface of the glass on the scanner. In addition can lead to occurrence of scratches, oil and dirt that clings to, also can damage the surface of the glass, so that it could influence the outcome of the mold.

If you want to clean the glass surfaces, use this lap with microfiber fabric fibers so that nothing is left. When scanning the image material from a book or magazine that thick, closing scanner should not use to suppress it. If these things can be imposed can cause the hinges on the scanner cover is broken or loosened.

In addition, the cleanliness of any scanners need to be maintained. The dirt on these devices, usually caused by dust and dirt that tucked in some parts. When silenced, it is not impossible it will be troubling because the dust buildup, especially if there are scratches. For it it's good there is clean it with cotton and a little liquid alcohol, rubbed it gently. Before you begin, please be sure there is no flow of electricity through the hardware.

Corrective Maintenance:

Here are some of the problems that often we encounter when we operate the scanner as well as a corrective to that problem.

Issue 1:
At the moment we are going to connect your computer to the scaner to do the scan process, the error message appears "scanner acces failed" or "scanner not found" so as to frustrate the process of scan to be performed.

When you are going to operate the scanner and suddenly appeared one of the message then the most likely cause is the scanner that is not yet connected to the hardware in the computer. Scanners that have not been connected in this hardware could have been caused by a SCSI-Interface card is not installed correctly. If the SCSI cable is not really well connected, it will interfere with the relationship between the scanner and card. Turn off the computer and check the cable connection.

It should be also remembered that at the time of switch on the computer, the scanner must be turned on before the computer dinyalahkan. The boot process will detect and find the computer connection to the scanner if the device exists. But the detection process is ignored if scannernya itself is not yet a flame. A trivial thing that often happens is the operator of menyalankan is not the scanner first before switching on the PC.

Issue 2:
The computer can be connected to the scanner. But at the time of the scan process, suddenly the process stops and error message appears "not enough memory".

The message typically occurs because the rest of your hard drive space has been very small. Try using disk utility to add the rest of the room. Or, you can try to download the scan image again at a lower level of dpi, and at a lower color depth too, for example, grayscale or black.

Issue 3: (Troubleshooting)
Everything is ready, and the scan button on the program had pressed. But the scanning process doesn't start soon. After the berjalanpun process is very slow.
If it happens, checking do the following:

a. Try checking against source documents that will be scanned. If the document you input the kepenampangnya is mounted properly. If not, try to grab and post it back to the cross-section of the documents slowly and correctly. Make sure that the automatic closing penapang whether they were covered by the meeting.

b. Another point to note is also a wired connection, whether his condition is still good. Each end and the base is already well embedded. Try to make sure once again.

Issue 4:
After the scan is started, it turns out the result image scanner is not satisfactory. The picture looks chapped and spotting here and there that defacing the image.

The first analysis of defective images, could have been caused by a fungus in the glass scanner. To overcome this clear glass the inside and outside regularly with a liquid cleaner, sold in stores. So keep it clean, you need to maintain the condition of the room, because the mold will grow in humid spaces.

If the picture is cracked, the problem may be on the resolution of the image. It's worth when you raise the resolution higher than previous figures. This is typically packed for a long time while scanning. Let me, you should limit the (crop) only the scanning field. Unwanted field should not need to join the scanned. Each scanner must have tool to do the crop.

Issue 5:
Scan process runs smoothly, but the picture scan results look obscure and vague as it is exposed to the effects of blur.

If scanned images look blurry, try you set displaynya to a height resolution of color (16 bit), and let the scanner performs a warming (warming up) for a few minutes. You need to note is also the hygiene of the surface of the glass, as if dirty will be influential well clean not scanned later. Make sure the glass is always clean. Clean with a soft cloth.

Issue 6:
Photo quality scan results different on some computers

The difference in quality in the image may appear due to the difference in the quality of the VGA on each computer. These photos will look nice when you use a computer with a VGA height (minimum 32 Mb). But instead, the photo will look broken when you view it using a computer with a VGA pas-pasan (below 32 Mb). Actual photo quality resulting from the scanner is the same or has not changed. Only the display on the monitor (computer with a VGA low) that makes the photo as if damaged
Hopefully this article helps the problem that you are facing.
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