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camera lens won't open

I have a cannon  power shot SD 1300 IS and the lens won't open.  How do I fix it?

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Re: camera lens won't open

Hello treesaregreen!


It sounds like there's an internal malfunction with the PowerShot SD1300 IS camera.  Try removing the battery and charging the battery until it's fully charged.  This will also give the PowerShot SD1300 IS time to reset. 


If you put the freshly charged battery in and the issue persists, Contact Us for additional support and possible service options. 


Hope this helps!



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Re: camera lens won't open

Did all that and it worked for a while but has since resorted to its old problem self. Distressing because I love everything about the powershot.

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Re: camera lens won't open

How old is your battery then? Your battery might be faulty. The biggest drain on the battery is when you turn the camera on and it boots up. The battery might have lost it's ability to supply the demand at boot up. It's a camera yes but also a small computer too with mechanical processes going on also.

If it were me I'd buy a new battery and try that first before anything else like sending in for service. Worse case is you'll have to send it in for service and have a spare battery. 

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