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PowerShot G3X clunking sound

Hi I was just wondering if other G3X cameras made a clunking sound? When my G3X can not focus it gives up, the yellow square is displayed on the screen and I hear and feel a clunk. Is this normal?

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Re: PowerShot G3X clunking sound

If autofocus is not attained and you pressed the shutter, the camera shuts off and together it makes that sound.

Practice halfway pressing the shutter button and wait until autofocus is reached and press all the way down.

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Re: PowerShot G3X clunking sound

How loud is this "clunking" sound?

The noise could be the camera struggling to focus, which can heappen in a dark room, or if the subject is too close to the lens.  If the camera is knew, then I suggest that you take it back to the store, and have them look at it.  Or, call 1-800OK-CANON FOR US SUPPORT.


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Re: PowerShot G3X clunking sound

Hi Woodsy,


Thanks for posting.


The [!] icon appears along with a yellow [AF frame] when the <Shutter Button> is pressed halfway and the subject is not in focus.  One of the main reasons for the subject to be out of focus is that the distance between the camera and the subject may be too close.


For details on how to focus on a close subject when shooting, please click here.

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