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Re: Convert Images from "SC" to "IMG"

Color profile is not an option on this camera.

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Re: Convert Images from "SC" to "IMG"

Is your Recuva software a free download or a professional one.

If it is free it has a catch - you have to pay inorder to use the file you have recovered.

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Re: Convert Images from "SC" to "IMG"

I've used the free Recuva software a few times with perfect results. This time when the files didn't appear on the camera card, I purchased the Recuva Professional software before trying to recover the pix.  After I tried to recover them, they appeared in Recuva as " _SC0123.jpg", rather than the "IMG0123.jpg" pix that I usually get... I have been trying to reach the people with Recuva to see what they can do. Hopefully, I'll hear from them this morning.  Thanks-

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Re: Convert Images from "SC" to "IMG"

I think this thread would have been a lot easier for members to help had the story been complete in the beginning. There was no mention the file names were as the result of running recovery software & as someone who has used a few different programs to recover files you may not even be recovering the files you think you are. Good recovery software can see any old files you deleted but haven't wrote over top of as the card refills with new images. You may still be able to recover the photos you're looking for IF they exist using better software. Many memory card manufacturers sell quality programs that work very well so if those files were important search at Lexar, Sandisk etc for their recommendated program.

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