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Canon iP7200 series print problem

I am not happy with the current quailty of my prints. When I do a Nozzle Check Pattern the grey bar across the middle. I have tried changing both black cartidges and have run cleaning and deep cleaning.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Canon iP7200 series print problem



Troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

This didn't answer your question or issue? Find more help at Contact Us.



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Re: Canon iP7200 series print problem

My ip7200 will not print on a disk.. It printed in the past with no problems. Now when I go through all the steps the dvd gets pulled in the printer as normal but I can tell it does not pull it in deep enoiugh to print properly on the dvd. That being said.. The printer sounds like it is printing something on the disk, but when it is ejected, the disk is blank. I expected to at least see text or something.. but the disk is blank.


I have tried everything I know to get the printer to print on a disk but no success.


The printer prints fine on paper..



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Re: Canon iP7250 failure. (wrong paper-guide setting)

I am hoping that someone will be able and willing to comment on something that happened with my Canon Pixma iP7250 printer the other day. (I don't suppose the model number is important — my question is of a general nature.)

A couple of days before the failure, I had printed about thirty pages, with no trouble. The other day (after the print session), I put a sheet of A5 paper into the correct tray/cassette (there are two of these). I adjusted the side-guides and thought I had adjusted the single guide/slider a the end of the paper to A5. However, the light was poor, and, by mistake, I set it to B5, so the setting was incorrect. The paper did not print, and, ever since, it will not print anything whatever. An error alert said "the printhead is damaged”, or words to that effect. I took out the printhead and flushed it, but since then, the error message is that no printhead is installed.
What I am coming to is to ask a simple question, which is: Is it to be expected that to set the sliders incorrectly is enough to foul up the working of a printer — any printer? One might have thought that a printer would forgive a mistake like that, and that, when the paper guides were re-set correctly, it would carry on printing. The printer is recognised in my Mac's System Preferences/Printers. However, it is stated to be “idle”. I cannot obtain information on the ink-levels (two new inktanks were inserted after the faillure, as, when I started, ink was stated to be low) or do a head-clean etc., as the relevant utilities do not work.
My main question is about whether a simple mistake, such as the one described above, can cause a printer to fail.
Any useful comments would be gratefully received.
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