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mf4800 blank display after power outage

After a power outage the printer is basically dead. No lights on any button & the display is blank. I've tried shutting off then on. Unplugged & replugged the cable. In the control panel the printer was offline so put it online. Docs just get added to the printer's queue. If I try to restrart printing, I get a printer error so I've deleted the entire queue. Looked at the manual but couldn't find anything relavent--I was hoping to figure out how to reset the printer.


I'm out of ideas. Please help!


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Re: mf4800 blank display after power outage

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I'm not familiar with your particular printer model, but have plenty of experience with devices that have died from surge, flucuations and brownouts. 


Attempting to power cycle a damaged device doesn't work.  Dead is dead.  If the printer has an external power supply, thats the first thing to check.  Replace it.  If the power supply is built in then this complicates things.  At that point, you have to decide if the cost to repair exceeds the replacement value.  In the majority of cases, the cost of repair often exceeds the replacement value of an electronic device.  Note I said often but not always.


There is a small chance that the printer has an internal protective circuit or fuseable link that fails in order to protect the device.  If your printer is equipped with such protection, it might be able to be reset, or replaced at a cost substancially less than a replacement device. 


I'd start by calling Canon.  A few minutes with support should you let you know where you stand and what steps to take next.  Repair, replace, etc.



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