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Scanning slowing down with MB 5390 How do I fix it?

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Hey guys,


Great to see that there's a forum where we can share ways to make things work better. Hope I can find an answer for my issue.


I bought a Maxify MB5390 over a year ago and immediately faced a problem while scanning a 100 page document. It started slowing down after page 80 something. The scanner would usually take a few seconds to sacn 1 page but after 80 pages half of the paper would be in for a random number of minutes sometimes 1 sometimes 3 minutes. And the scanner's display screen would say it was calibrating or something... from then on it would take for ever to get a single page scanned. I don't know what to do about this and I surely expect this to happen. Wasn't aware of such problem, too.


I did my homework and studied several products compared them online and chose which would be the best. Most postings pointed out the speed and quality of printing and copying but none told me that it would slow down. So that was quite alarming when it first happened. 


I later found out that if would come back to normal after giving it a brake but would act up the same way after a few pages like 10 to 20 pages. Does this means that the scanner needs to cool down? What can I do to keep the scanner from slowing down? or at least get it up to speed. I called the service center but the only answer I got was that I could call a technician and get it checked for 30 dollars. 


Does anybody have this problem or did I get a defective printer?

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Another problem popped up! the ADF motor is noisy now...

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Ok so... 


the nuber of pages I could scan on one go was about 80 to 88 pages when I first got the product. Now it's down to 40 to 50 pages. After that it starts slowing down. I checked the amount that I scanned over the past year, about 1500 pages. Maybe more now... 


So this is how my new problem started. The other day I had a bunch of documents to scan so started scanning them using ADF function. As usual it started slowing down but I didn't really bother with it. Cuz it always slowed down after a 40 pages. A little while later that the ADF started to make this really loud noise. It freaked me out and I shut down the scanner. But ever since then the noise is unbearably loud. It feels like the ADF is dying.   


I'm sure you're wondering how loud is loud. OK, so on a 1 to 10 scale of being noisy I found the scanner had 3 levels of expressing his current state when scanning. It gets louder when its tired. You can actually hear it being in pain Smiley Happy


First stage, normally the scanner would be at level 1, not that loud, you would barely hear the sound if you were 10~ 15 feet away. I would say it sounds like sliding your palm across a mouse pad or paper. 


Stage 2, you can hear the ADF motor spin as it scans, noisy level 3. Just like breathing heavier when you start jogging. You can notice the sound getting louder. Sounds like the buzzing of a trimmer? 


Stage 3, the feeder is really loud. Like he's grunting or panting from doing heavy lifting. I thought of a microwave oven for this level of loudness. But add a bit of the sound of a motor spining strenuously lol. 


Anyway, it's been a couple of weeks but it still sounds like it's about to die. 

I thought there'd be some paper residue left around the motor and used my dust removing spray to clean it out but had no luck.


I called the service center... they gave me the same answer. Call the tech guy... minimum fee is about 30 bucks and there will be an additional fee if I have to switch parts...


Has anyone experienced anything similar? I'd appreaciate your input on how you solved this issue. 



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Re: Scanning slowing down with MB 5390 How do I fix it?

So I sort of found out why it's acting up. They say it's natural for all scanners and printers when you over use them. It's like a fail safe to protect itself. They told me that I should stop immediately and turn off the printer completely for at least an hour...
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