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Re: UV filters?

"...only costs about $200-$300 to replace."


The front element on my ef 85mm f1.4L was $385.


"Filters don't protect "expensive lenses"."


And you are right it didn't !  Smiley Sad

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Re: UV filters?

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MikeSowsun wrote:

Filters don't protect "expensive lenses". They only protect the front element which probably only costs about $200-$300 to replace. 

I would beg to differ.  Some lenses need a protective front filter to complete the weather sealing.

Some people like to use protective filters.  Some people do not like to use protective filters.  Personally, I like having a protective filter, because as already been noted, it is easier and safer to clean a $80 filter than a front element of a $2000 lens.


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Re: UV filters?

"... it is easier and safer to clean..."


Bingo! Smiley Happy

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Re: UV filters?

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inkjunkie wrote:

I understand the importance of me the big one is the protection of scratches...

I do use a UV filter too, but not to filter out UV light. That isn't necessary with modern lenses. I use it for front-element lens protection. I am often in environments that can wreak havoc on a lens -- areas of the California desert, in forests, along tide pools and the ocean.


In desert shooting,I don't always shoot on my feet. If i encounter a desert tortoise, scorpion, lizard, snake or some other reptile, I like to get on my belly and shoot them "eye to eye," which produces a more pleasing perspective (in my opinion) than shooting them from above. So it is not unusual for the lens to be a an inch or two off the desert floor, nor is it unsual to find a few grains of sand, DG, dirt, dust, etc. on the filter after shooting. This is why I also carry a small retractable brush, blower and lens tissues with me in my pack.  I should probably use a hood to go along with the filter, but the UV filter is better than nothing.


I also use a circular polarizing filter when I'm around water or shooting a landscape with a lot of sky, and its effects are quite noticeable when rotated. I don't understand arguments against filters in these environments, but have become convinced that some people who make those arguments don't shoot in the kinds of environments I do. But to each his own, as they say.

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Re: UV filters?

I'm the same.  UV filters for element protection.  Lens puffer is invaluable.  Keep one in my pocket at all times now. 

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