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Re: Macro lens for insects

No, it would not. It has a minimum focus of about a foot with a maximum magnification of .2 or so, compared with 1:1 for a true macro. If budget is a concern, then the EF-S 60mm is your best choice at about $400. You can check the Canon Refurbished store for a better deal.


Looks like they have one for $325.

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Re: Macro lens for insects

Dragonwarrior wrote:

Hello, I am new to the world of DSLR photography. I would like to take pictures of insects, and would like to know what is a good lens to get for a DSLR to be able to take close up macros of insects. Should I be looking for a prime lens or zoom lens? If prime what number, and zoom what range?  I am planning on using a 40d body. I would like to stay not too expensive though.



Many of the macro shots that you may see of insects are those of dead insects in a studio.  They are carefully staged and meticulously focused.


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Re: Macro lens for insects

I was taught to use an adapter for reversing the lens and or  attaching the lens to another lens

The aluminum adapters are very inexpensive. 

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