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Does anyone sell stock photography?



I love my photography hobby, but it would be better to make a little extra cash on the side.

I do get paying gigs on the side from time to time which is nice.


I always read these articles about people making good money by selling stock photos.

I read/believe these article with a big grain of salt.


Does anyone on here sell stock photos?

Does it generate nice passive income?

Any advice?


Thanks for the advice.




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Re: Does anyone sell stock photography?

I just started to, and made enough so far to buy a candy bar and a soda Smiley Wink


Whether or not you make money on stock photography depends on a lot of variables. What you shoot and the quality, cutsomer demand, titles and keywords you assign to uploads, what sites you upload to, how many sites you upload to, how many images you upload, etc.


That said, even if you don't sell much, you can learn a ton from your 'competition' both in the forums for stock sites, and just going through similar images after you upload.


Some peole do make a lot of money, but chances are they have THOUSANDS of photos uploaded. The rest of us get a trickle now and then. It depends on what you want to get out of it. Cat Wink

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Re: Does anyone sell stock photography?

I joined Alamy and are uploading pictures there and this is the only stock site I am presently using.


It's a fun hobby and if someone else likes my photo for their use and I get a little pocket change from it, that's cool as well.

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