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Have you ever entered a photo contest?



Just a fun question.


Has anyone ever entered a photo contest?





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Re: Have you ever entered a photo contest?

There is a British site that has a running photo contest.  It is not judged, but rather runs on votes.  It seems to be a lot about friends and buddies voting for each other sometimes based on some of the winners.  


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Re: Have you ever entered a photo contest?

Years and years ago Canon run a national photo contest.  I entered and won it 1 year and got honorable mention another time.  Maybe they still do it but I haven't entered again.

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Re: Have you ever entered a photo contest?



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Re: Have you ever entered a photo contest?

Yes I used to enter in 3 online contests. The best was Digital Image Cafe. There were less than 1000 members and a communuty. No flash, no pop up adds, links misdirecttion, etc. Just photos and there was some very good talent. There was a membership fee.


There were several catagoties every day and the winners were on the front page every day at 11 PM. You did not have to hunting to see where your images were hidden.


It worked by volunnteer judges. Once a year they would ask you to do this for a month. You recieved a special link to the photos. One day you juddged B&W, next day animals, next Macro and so on. You didn't know who's photo you picked was untll you checked and submitted it for photo of the day. There is nothing better to hone your own skills than to look at 300 photos every day of varying categories and pick one and see what you are competing agianst.


Montly and photo of the year were judged by independant organizations. it was was excllent and I have not been able to find anything like it. Too bad it went under. The owner had a tough go after the last market crash.                                                                      

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