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Suddenly photos on 70d became too dark

My 2.5 years old EOS 70D started to deliver very dark pictures, please take a look on example

It's original file from camera, EXIF is available

Shot was done around 6PM. Stone on pic was lit by sun so it's not a low-light situation. I was using automatic mode but same problem exists for manual modes as well. The only way to compensate it was raise exposure +2 or more. That was not the case before. Issue is reproducible with different lens.


Is anybody experienced something like that? 

Can it be dead light sensor?


Thanks in advance


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Re: Suddenly photos on 70d became too dark

It's tough to tell from just one picture...does it take dark pictures all the time or just in some instances?


The camera metering system gets severely fooled by two scenarios...background relative to subject is too bright and too dark.  Your subject will be too dark and too bright respectively.


This picture shows one of the toughest scenarios for the camera metering system...the one you must use exposure compensation for.  The worst is probably white snow but this rock is quite bright...even brighter than snow compared to the turtle and the water...You have a super bright piece of rock and very dark subject.  The metering system takes an average and decides that it needs to properly expose the rock and darkens everything else.  The bright rock is very prominent.


While I think the whole thing was too dark (about 2.5 stops) - I would think that the metering system would get fooled up to 1.5 or 2 stops in this case...Too close to call that the camera is defective.


Try a scene that has average dynamic range and see if the camera would underexpose.  My gut feel is it will do alright.  If it underexposes when your subject and background is roughly the same in brightness then I'd say there's something wrong with your camera.  Until then, I think it just got fooled.



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