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Re: Lenses falling off Canon 6D

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borderjack wrote:

Not using a Black Rapid strap. I was using a sling strap that is no longer sold in the USA and forget the name. The sling fastened to the bottom camera mount and is one of the best I have found. 

So far it seems that straps that attach to the tripod mount seem to be a common factor with the camera and lens coming detached. This could hardly be considered a Canon design flaw as Canon doesn't design their lenses or cameras to have the straps attached that way. 


As designed by Canon the camera has strap attachment points, and lenses that are too large to hang from the camera's mount unsupported have their own strap attachment points.

As seen in this photo from

camera strap

Those that want to second guess Canon engineers and attach their straps to the tripod mount which they aren't designed for are suddenly surprised that the camera and lens don't performed as designed. 


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Re: Lenses falling off Canon 6D

Hi Bob,

I attended WPPI this year and this is where I was introduced to the Spyder Pro holster. (  A lot of the well known professionals were carrying thier cameras that way and I was real curious as I was still looking for the perfect solution.

I didn't like that the fact that the bracket was attached to the mounting hole on the bottom of the camera. Most slings and holsters use a ball-joint pin for this and it makes for a more time consuming swap when I use my tripod. This system was more like my CarrySpeed in design as the mounting bracket is flat  and has threaded mounting holes on the bottom of the mounting platefor the tripod quick release plate. 

Still being skeptical, I went and visited the booth and tried one out. I walked away with theSpyder Pro version and carried my camera that way during the rest of the show. I love it.

The camera(s) are always at the ready in a great position with this holster. It is hard to describe how they are carried, but they slide into the holster bracket and the camera is rotated so that the lens is pointed backwards. The camera and lens are very stable in this position and on top of that, there is a seperate lock if you really want to be safe. The lock can be operated and camera removed from the holster in one fluid motion and you are ready to shoot. There is no flopping of the camera unless you decide to take off at a trot or full gallop. I just walk or a slight jog when carrying camera gear anyway and running is not an option, unless I am being chased by something big and mean.

All of the weight is on the hips instead of the neck and shoulder which is really nice. I have the two camera system and with both cameras and long / heavy lenses, it does tend to find a place low on the hips. I am looking for a set of suspenders for those time I am carrying both. 

They also have some nice accessory pieces like lens and data card holders that fasten to the belt. Being somewhat or a large person, I have a little more real estate to mount accessory pieces. 

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