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Re: Color Problem with 5D Mark 3

Waddizzle wrote:


I think you are drawing conclusions from flawed data.  If it was mostly sunshine, then your light source temperature was changing from one shot to the next.  You should try the test again under more consistent light conditions.


I guess I'm not understanding.. The sun never went behind a cloud, or came out from behind a cloud, during the 10 minutes it took me to do these shots. Yes, it was a little cloudy... but not so much that it would impact lighting, I wouldn't think?? And like I said, we were behind a building. The front of the building faces the sun, so we were sheltered from the sun, as the sun was setting.


Your WB setting seems to be mostly error, and the ExpoDisk is yielding flawed results.  As I noted above, you are sampling one light source [ light reflected from the wall ], and shooting with another light source [ direct sunlight ].  To top it off, your light source varies from one shot to the next, because of the variable cloud cover.  


Why do you think my WB setting seems to be mostly error? What could be causing that?



You might be able to use the ExpoDisk as a grey card at these shooting distances.  You just won't be able to use the image as custom WB image.  You will have to sample the ED in post, and use it as a WB reference.



So instead of holding it over the lens and snapping a shot from the model's position, you're saying I could possibly use it as a reference point for the model to hold, and then correct WB in post? I'll have to try that!


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Re: Color Problem with 5D Mark 3

ebiggs1 wrote:

"Even with all those factors, the differences in color are super obvious to me"


You are making this far more difficult than it is. Just do as Tim and I have tried to guide you.  All will be well.  You do need to bone up on basic photography.  The grey card is a great idea.  No other fancy gadgets required.

Its almost like swapping from sweet tea to unsweet tea... The change in taste is drastic... You know it's probably better for you, but it still takes some getting used to.

I'm just trying to find an "artificial sweetener" to make it somewhat more tolerable to me.

I am ordering a grey card tonight. However, I am very skeptical. Especially since I doubt the practicality of using it during shoots with children, or indoor events.. But I will try!

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Re: Color Problem with 5D Mark 3

"I doubt the practicality of using it during shoots ..."


You are still missing some of the big point about it.  The grey scale card is, also, a learning tool.  Hopefully you will not need it after the learning curve is over.  However, if you find yourself in a situation where you think you might need it, you still have it.


For instance setting the color balance over 7000 is going to drastically change the photo.  Unless it is a pretty cloudy day. Still not good.  It is not a good trial or test.  If you want a good testing situation do it in broad daylight and set the K temp to 5200.


Shooting raw, which you absolutely need to be doing, there is no WB or color balance.  That is set in post.  Use DPP4 or LR or PSE to do that.

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