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Canon 6D not enabling, or disabling HSS

I am trying to check out the high speed sync capabilitiesof my Canon EOS 6D and my Neewer NW565EX  speedlite. I have the speedlite on the hotshoe and turned on, and when I navigate the Shutter Synchronization menu options the flash is recognised and allows me to enable front or rear curtain settings, but not HSS it seems. I can change the shutter speed right up to 1/4000 of a second, but when I press the shutter button the camera immediately changes the shutter speed to 1/180 of a second.


I am clearly missing something ;-(. Both devices support HSS.


Thanks a lot for any asssitance you can offer.

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Re: Canon 6D not enabling, or disabling HSS

1.  You seem to have a compatibility issue.  You need to talk to the manufacturer of your Brand X strobe, not Canon. 


2.  You need to use a Canon strobe, not a Brand X strobe.  We know that they work properly without any issues


3.  You need to understand that Canon makes no claim to be compatible with Brand X.  It is Brand X that seems to have claimed to be compatible with Canon, which may not be the case..


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Re: Canon 6D not enabling, or disabling HSS

Are you sure the flash has HSS capability? I looked in the manul and I couldn't find it. Strobe, but not HSS. Maybe I missed it.

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Re: Canon 6D not enabling, or disabling HSS

I fear you may be correct in querying it. It makes the odd mention in the manual, but it is unclear. I fear I may have been mislead by the Amazon description of the product mentioning HSS all over the product summary. Not too worry, I ordered the product before knowing anything about HSS, so it was not a feature I needed at that stage. I have ordered an updated one which definitely does have HSS specified everywhere.


Thank you for looking, and thank you for your helpful response.

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Re: Canon 6D not enabling, or disabling HSS

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I have the same issue with Nissin Di700A, with Air 1. No matter what I try, it reverts to 180. In the menu for Flash function settings there is no HSS function. And in the Flash C.Fn settings it says Incompatibable flash.  I emailed Nissin customer service, and they say it should work? I've updated to the latest firmware for the 6D.  What gives?


Just figured it out: you access the setting by going to Flash Curtain Synchronization: then you get access to HSS. It works. Yeah!

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