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DSLRookie wrote:

I share your pain.  The 70D didn't have a headphone port to monitor the audio so I have held off buying this for the 80D, not thinking for a second that in finally adding the headphone port, they'd then go and remove the time code facility!!!.  Here's hoping for a firmware update.  Totally crazy that they gear this new model up to be a perfect mid-range video recorder (not personally fussed about the lack of 4k) to find they drop a feature which is so fundamental to post audio/video sync....  Please Canon, release a firmware update to honour your press release and not deter potential purchases!

On the 50D they left off the IR receiver (leaving no support for remote IR triggers).
On the 60D they left off autofocus microadjustment.
On the 70D they left off the headphone port.

So given their history with the n0D series, I guess it would have been surprising if they hadn't left a significant feature off of the 80D.

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i m all so using time code in my video editing 

and i hope that canon will make an update of the firmware bc it s a big pb for me to work without timecode, i will returne this camera if this probleme is not solved 

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I am no Canon expert but my son just bought a EOS 80D and shot video with it.  I synced his video with mine from my Sony Z5U video camera in Sony Vegas.  When I pulled his files into my session, the clock time at the beginning of each clip was listed in the clips list.  So the camera does record at least the start time of each clip if not the entire STMPE time code.  It was not an exact match with my Sony Z5U camera's time code but close enough that I could fine tune it pretty easily.  I suggest pulling a clip into your editor and taking a closer look.  I am guessing you will find the start time of the clip listed. 

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Yes, we know this to be the case, but with the previous version, we did not have to rely on the clock for means of time code. At any rate, we decided to begin using PluraEyes 4 to sync our content as we don’t have to worry about time code anymore with this amazing program.
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