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80D Auto power off disabled, but still shuts down



I'm making a time lapse in the following configuration:

- manual model

- Nikon lens (with adapter)

- ACK-E6 power adapter

- Auto power off setting is set to disabled

- the shutter is triggered by an external remote (cable)


I'm attempting a timelapse with a recording time span of 3 weeks.

The setup works perfect for at least 8 hours, but the next day, the camera is off. Half-pressing the shutter does not turn the camera on again. I have to switch it off and on in order to resume the time lapse.


Did I miss a setting? I looked through the manual, but couldn't find anything related.


The setup is automated via a microcontroller that switches on a light for the exposure. This is why I can't use the built in interval timer.


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Re: 80D Auto power off disabled, but still shuts down

It could be overheating.  Monitor it more carefully.


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Re: 80D Auto power off disabled, but still shuts down

Thank you Waddizzle for your quick reply.

I'll pay attention to the camera warming up.


One thing I've noticed is that the battery icon is half way empty after about 8 hours of operation (one picture every 7 minutes).

This is strange to me since the camera's power comes from a ACK-E6 power adapter.

I assume, that somewhere arround 16 hours of operation, the battery icon will show that it's empty, and the camera will shut down. Is the ACK-E6 not delivering enough power? It was noted as compatible with the 80D.

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