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SD Card Issues



I have a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and I purchased a new SD card.  The card worked fine but then stopped and my camera kindly advised me that the card was not formatted for the camera.  I formatted the card, which seemed to have worked however I am only able to place a few photos on the card.  I've tried three different cards and they either don't do anything at all or the message "Cannot format.  Change Card" or after I've formatted the card it says that I've used 48 KB and I am only able to place 6 photos on the camera and it is full.  


The cards I am using are:

SanDisk - Shoot & Store 32MB 50 pictures (last message I mentioned above)

SanDisk 64 MB "Cannot Format. Change Card"

SanDisk Ultra 32 GB - can format but only allows 6 photos to be placed on the card.


I'm hoping someone can help.  I new to the photography word and this would be my first challenge and I'm sure that there are more to come.  




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Re: SD Card Issues

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As long as you're using full size card, and not the miniSD cards with adapters, those cards should be fine to use with a T5.  Just make sure that you perform a "low level" format on the cards, prior to use.  New cards may have some formatting on them, which is residue from production testing and needs to be fully erased.


I have had trouble using a 64GB card with a T5, though.  SDXC cards are 64GB, or a higher capacity.  They are formatted differently from SD and SDHC cards.  The message you're getting from the 64GB card seems to suggest that the write protect tab is in the "write protect" position.


[EDIT]  I'd hate to think you have three bad cards, but it is possible.  Only buy cards from reputable vendors.  I would suggest a local Best Buy.  There are a lot of counterfeit goods on the market.


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Re: SD Card Issues

32 & 64 MEGA bite cards won't hold many images on a modern camera. Are you trying to use those small cards or is it a typo?

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Re: SD Card Issues

Thanks for replying.  I tried formatting at low level but couldn't figure how to do that.  Can you help me with that?  

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Re: SD Card Issues

This is how it looks like when low level format a card


Press the trash can button or INFO button to mark the low level format.


If you use 64 MB and not 64 GB it is not strange at all that you can´t take more than a couple of pictures.


Cards that can´t be low level formatted in the camera I try to use SD Formatter in the computer instead to overwright the whole card. If the cards still won´t work I will buy new instead.

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Re: SD Card Issues

Thanks Peter, I appreciate your help.   I'll give that a try. 

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