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Canon T3i during video not focusing and the highlights are off.....

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Im having an issue where I filmed a very rare car with my Canon T3i and the video quality is very spoty. For example in one clip it looks pretty clear but the highlight takes a good bit of time to have the sunlight over the car go away. The other video it looked good when I looked at screen but when I got home and put it on the Mac book pro it was blurry. Im really pissed because there are not many chances to see this car and the image quality is not that great at all.


Is the the settings on my camera?


Is it the Lens? (Im shooting with the standard one that came with the camera. 18-55mm)


Im planning on shooting a lot of video in the near future. What is is more of a point in shoot HD camera that can focus on the fly?


I thoguht I could just upload the video from my computer but that is not the case on this page. Please let me know if you need to see the footage.. 


Thank you for all your help,


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Re: Canon T3i during video not focusing and the highlights are off.....

"Is [it] the settings in my camera?"

Hard to tell.  You haven't stated what setting you were using, nor described the shooting conditions.  Sunny?  Cloudy?

"Is it the lens?"

Hard to tell.  You haven't stated the model number of the lens.  If you have the STM version of the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6, then that lens is pretty sharp when shooting stills.  The older versions are sharp enough for video resolutions.   It could really depends upon your settings, too.

"What is is more of a point in shoot HD camera that focus on the fly?"

Hard to tell.  You haven't expressed yourself clearly.  You have the bottom of the line, entry level DSLR.  It is designed for absolute beginners, so they can learn about DSLR photography.  Video, is just an afterthought, because the hardware was there, and the programmers of the firmware had some extra memory space.

If you "plan on shooting a lot of video in the near future", then you should plan on upgrading to a more robust and sophisticated camera body.  The T3i is designed for the casual user, the type of person who only uses the camera on special occasions.  

The T3i lacks the hardware to shoot video, and focus on the fly.  Look at more advanced models like the 80D, that have "Dual Pixel CMOS AF" image sensors.  Not every model that Dual Pixel CMOS sensors can focus on the fly very well, but the 80D can do it with STM lenses.

But, using a DSLR for extensive video production, or any DSLR for that matter, can be problematic, depending upon the type of shooting that you want to do.  DSLRs have built-in limits on video file size and video clip lengths.  Check the instruction manuals. 


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