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Cannot take photo

I have cannon rebel e5 suddenly it stop taking photo. It make the flash and seems alike almost took photo but finally it cannot take pic at all. But when I try to shot in live mode it takes the photo normally.
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Re: Cannot take photo

Sounds like the camera could not focus...was it too dark?  When the camera cannot focus, it won't take the picture.  In live view, the camera uses a different focusing scheme and that might explain why it works there.

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Re: Cannot take photo

Hi Bishal,


Thanks for reaching out to Canon USA!


It sounds like your lens might be having a hard time focusing.


As diverhank suggested, make sure you have plenty of light and contrast, otherwise the focusing system won't be able to find a subject. 


If you do have plenty of light, you'll want to try putting the lens in Manual Focus (MF) mode and see if the camera will take a photo like normal (it might be out of focus, but that's OK). If that works, try to rotate the ring on the tip of your lens all the way to one side, then the other (while the AF/MF switch is still in MF). Once you've done that, put the lens back in AF mode and try to take a photo again using the viewfinder.


If that doesn't work, try another lens to see if it works normally. 


If all else fails, you'll want to reach out to support. If you're here in the USA, we're at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). Outside the USA, head HERE for support options.

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Re: Cannot take photo

those are all good tips. Mine does the same thing (EOS Rebel SL1) when my settings are all wrong for the scene. Sometmes I cheat, dial the top dial to A and see what the camera wants to use, go back to M and use those settings, see if that makes a difference. (if the other things mentioned dont work) IF still doesn't work, try re-setting all your settings back to factory mode (on the menu) and try the shot again. Sometimes that will do the trick, you may have it on a setting from the previous shot that you forgot about. I recently learned to put my camera at "zero" the same setting b/4 turning it off, that way when you pick it up you know exactly where the settings are, and don't miss that shot.
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