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Blurry_Canon EOS REbel T6

So newly bought this camera and had no idea where to start with it. I tried to take a piture but it was so blurry and also how do I make it bigger? I think something wrong with the photo but I just can't figure out what it was. In the second photo, whenever I turn on the camera that page "Scence Intelligent Auto" show up and I don't know how to get rid of it. Thank you so much for your help. 





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Re: Blurry_Canon EOS REbel T6

If you are using the 18-55mm lens that comes in most T6 camera kit, make sure the AF/MF switch is in the AF position.


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Re: Blurry_Canon EOS REbel T6

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Unlike a point and shoot camera your DSLR does not have an auto zoom button/lever. You zoom the lens in and out by twisting the zoom ring on the lens. 


As for blurry it could be several things, like bad focus, subject motion blur or camera shake blur.  


For focus make sure the switch on the lens is on AF (auto focus) not MF (manual focus).  Also read the 2-3 pages in the manual about selecting an autofocus point. The camera will not know but rather will guess what you want to focus on. Other things in the image may be out of focus. If you select only the center autofocus point (red square) to be active then you can place that square over the subject and the camera will focus on that.


Subject motion blur and camera shake blur both are cured by a faster shutter speed to "freeze"  all the motion. Please google for free tutorial videos on the "exposure triangle".  Watch 2 or 3 of them; there are a hundred of them and they are only a few minutes long.  This will give you the understanding of the whole central concept in photography, that you manipulate 3 variables (shutter speed, lens opening size, and sensor sensitivity) to control how much light gets into the image, and each of the 3 has an additional effect on the image. For shutter speed that effect is either freezing the action or letting motion blur the image. You need a faster shutter speed to freeze a baseball flying into a bat than for a person walking for example. 


Dont get discouraged. It really isnt hard once you get into it and you understand the triangle. Have fun and good luck!


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Re: Blurry_Canon EOS REbel T6

I suppose this is going to sound fussy and patronizing. But unless you're already very experienced, the first thing you have to do with any new or unfamiliar camera is read the instruction manual!

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Re: Blurry_Canon EOS REbel T6

Not to sound rude people but...READ YOUR MANUAL...that's what they give it to you for, especially if your new to a DSLR
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Re: Blurry_Canon EOS REbel T6

Set your mode dial to the green square.  You have it on a CA mode.  Or set it to P the prefered  mode.

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