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C300 Mark II - Hand Grip Snapped Off!

Just a warning to other C300 MarkII users. I bought this camera a couple of months ago, and been very happy with it, the only problem being the hand grip would quickly work it's way quite loose. I got in touch with Canon and it seemed to be resolved by tightening the smal screws in the grip. However, then some of the plastic locator teeth in the grip snapped off. I contacted Canon again about this failure, but the grip still seemed to work. Then I was on a job last week and the whole hand grip just broke off - sheared right off! Fortunately I was supporting the camera on a monopod at the time, but had I been working handheld with the hand grip taking the full weight of the camera, then my 2 month old C300 MarkII would now be in bits of the floor along with my very expensive 70-200mm lens. This is a catastophic hardware failure. I am a Canon CPS platinum member and I had hoped this would afford me a quick repair time but instead Canon quoted a minimum 4-5 day working day turnaround. They couldn't even send me a replacement in a quicker time. Since I was on a job and needed the functionality of a hand grip (if not neccessarily to support the weight but to use the hand grip buttons) I used some glue to temporariliy re affix the small screws in the hand grip. This just about got me through the remaining couple of days of shooting.


I sent the hand grip to Canon to repair under warranty - I posted it with photos and a full explanation. However they have so far refused to fix this under warranty and sent me an estimate for repair which comes to around £200. So not only has the hand grip on my £12,000 two month old camera failed in the most catastrophic way, a failure for which I might fully have expected an apology from Canon and a promise to look into why it failed so it doesn't happen to others, but they have instead decided to charge me for this catastophic failure. I'm extremely disappointed in Canon and currently writing a more full blog post and will share this with other Canon users, and potential Canon users in due course.

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Re: C300 Mark II - Hand Grip Snapped Off!

Did Canon say why it wasn't covered under warranrty?

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