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30p via HDMI on C100 mark II

Hello to all registered Canon Community Forum users.  I have registered here in hopes of reaching those of you who use Canon EOS Cinema C100 mark II cameras.  Canon considers requests for features based upon amount of requests, and I have a feature request that I believe is important and vital:


Currently, the only progressive signal that the C100 mark II can output over the HDMI port is 60p.  When the camera is set to any other format, such as 29.97 or 23.98, the HDMI output is 59.94i (interlaced), and a 2:2 pull-down must be employed by the recording device to arrive at a "progressive" 29.97 or a 2:3 pull-down for 23.98p.  However, because this method combines two interlaced fields, it is not truly progressive.


The internal recording for all settings is 4:2:0 8-bit and generally (for 29.97 and 23.98) below 28Mbps or less - which in the world of professional video is considered proxy at best.  So the HDMI output which avails 4:2:2 at higher bit rates, becomes a truly important option, and sometimes it is not ideal to record 60p.


I am asking anyone who understands my petition to Canon for true progressive signals for 29.97p and 23.98p via the HDMI port, to please contact Canon and request this feature.  If Canon accepts this request as a sought after need by users of the C100 mark II, it will look into building that feature into a future firmware update.


Certain features may not be possible due to technical limitations, however, I am asking for half of what the C100 mark II is currently able to provide.  I hope some of you will consider making this request.  This feature will also make the C100 mark II more useful in multi-camera switching scenarios.

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Re: 30p via HDMI on C100 mark II

2:2 pulldown isn't really pulldown. You're just putting progressive fields in an interlaced container. The 1080i59.94 standard is universally supported, so it works with literally everything that takes NTSC HDMI. If you really want that level of control from a camera, you probably shouldn't be using an HDMI connection anyway.


You can bring your "interlaced" files into any editing program and if you have issues, just set the interpretation to progressive.  It's the same data, just recorded a slightly different way.



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Re: 30p via HDMI on C100 mark II

Actually I do find this an issue as well. Not just for external recording but to simple external monitoring. I would like to have those 24p out of my camera and be able to monitor it through my 1080p 7" monitor. The 60i is when in 23.98 is not ideal. I'm pretty sure Canon can fix this through firmware.
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