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Vixia HFg40 for live stream (webcam)

HI all,


I purchased a Vixi HF G40 and was told I could use it to livestream through my computer. I can't figure out how to do it. I feel as if thegre is a menu setting that I am missing.


It doesn't work via HDMI at all (the internet says HDMI on a computer is out only, so that makes sense. 


I connect via USB and have it the on/off swicth set to "camera," and windows doesn't recognize it at all.

I connect and turn it to "media"  and the windows thinks its a disk drive. 



Any advice would be most appreciated.






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Re: Vixia HFg40 for live stream (webcam)

Did the salesperson tell you that?  I would go ask that person.  I do not know if the model can do "live stream" or not.  I do know that my son and his wife somehow turned their HF-G62 into a baby cam, so they can monitor the baby's crib from anywhere on the house on their iPhones.


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Re: Vixia HFg40 for live stream (webcam)

You may need a video capture device to livestream with the VIXIA HF-G40.  The capture device would go between the computer and the camcorder.  As has already mentioned, ask the person who told you this how it can be done.  There are some video capture cards that have an HDMI in port.  

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Re: Vixia HFg40 for live stream (webcam)

Thanks everyone. I spoke to canon and I do, indeed, need a video cature device. I was simply misinformed.



I've purchased one and hopefully things will work as I want. 




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